Geazone Eco-courier

About Geazone Eco-courier

Geazone Eco-Courier is a local zero emissions courier service, based out of Victoria, B.C. that delivers sustainability to businesses across Vancouver Island and to Vancouver. Geazone offers a variety of services, including emissions free deliveries, third party logistics, and freight services. What truly sets Geazone apart from any other courier service is their distinct ability to operate by through their emissions free fleet including human powered tricycles, Nissan Leafs and fully electric Smith 5 tonnes. They build strong relationships with their clients to establish an ecosystem of like-minded businesses looking to reduce the environmental impacts of their current operations. There is a strong focus on the business case for sustainability- reducing carbon emissions and saving money by doing so.

  • Drive: Promoting sustainable living for our communities, local businesses, and our employees.

  • Vision: GeaZone is committed to supplying a sustainable delivery service with the customer in mind, partnering with likeminded businesses, and making sustainability fast and affordable.